A letter from Bruce Eckert, President of BWE Home Theater:

When I started BWE Enterprises in 1989, I had a vision.  After spending the majority of my career as a General Contractor, I wanted to pursue something I loved.
I started with building a home theater above the garage of my family home.  People came from around the city to see it, and were blown away.  This was long before the Big Chain Stores cranked out "home theater in a box".  This was custom home theater.
This was my dream.
I've had a blast sharing my dream with the Central Valley for the last 25 years.  As we look forward to the next 25, I hope to share my dream with you.
Designing an Audio/Video system is an exciting process, and I want to ensure that your experience is pleasant the whole way through, from planning to enjoyment.  Technology can seem daunting, but we will help make it smooth and simple.  There are many decisions to make, and many questions you may have.  However, there are no "right" answers.  It's about you.
That's it.
It all comes down to how you need the system to work, and that's where we come in.  Our experienced staff will look at what you need, not what we can sell you.  We will design the system to function according to your lifestyle, rather than the technology ruling your life.  
We love this stuff, and we want to put our enthusiasm to work for you.
We pride ourselves in having the best customer service in town, and we mean it.  If there is anything we can do to make your experience more pleasurable, please don't hesitate to let us know.  We're not a big corporate entity who forces you to wade through an automated system every time you call; we have actual real, live human beings answer the phone!
We're local, family-owned-and-operated, and have been serving the Central Valley for over 25 years.  We know technology, and we look forward to serving all of your lifestyle technology needs!
Bruce Eckert, President