Power Your Business Forward
with Digital Signage


Have you ever visited a business or public area and noticed TV screens showing custom-branded content and advertisements?  Restaurants, stores, gas stations, sandwich shops with food menu boards, among others?  That is Digital Signage.

As a business owner, you're constantly striving to provide the best product or service to your clients, while maximizing profit.  What if you could increase your company's brand awareness, lower operating costs, present a better customer-facing image for your company, and maximize your profits?  A well-designed Digital Signage solution brings all of that to the table, and it's why many of today's top companies implement Digital Signage as part of their business strategy.  It's a way to take your business to the next level, and beyond.


Benefits of Digital Signage:


Modern Features

  • Upsell with beautiful photos, HD videos, and more
  • Scheduled content maximizes effectiveness
  • Content is remotely updated and monitored
  • Rapid content changes at your request
  • Media players work with almost any TV
  • Easily connect to your wired or wireless network
  • Connect multiple TVs on one Media Player
  • Worry-free Two-Year Limited Warranty

Unprecedented service included


Our Comprehensive Service & Support provides you with the convenience of a one-call partner for content management, support with technical issues, and warranty servicing.  All of our service plans include ongoing content development labor to develop and manage content, keeping your presentations fresh and relevant.


Increase Sales Immediately


Our clients have reported sales increases of up to 10%, by simply steering customers to higher cost items, as well as upselling drinks and sides.  You'll also achieve increased sales when you inform customers about upcoming events and specials that will bring them back sooner, and more often!


Get Your Service For Free!


We can show you how to gain substantial revenue from a new source: advertising.  You have a captive audience, and neighboring businesses would pay to be part of it.  You set the pricing and terms that you're comfortable with, and we'll help you get started earning advertising revenue to meet, or even exceed, your monthly service cost.  Ask for more information.


What else can I do witH Digital Signage?


Here are some examples:

  • Multi-screen Video Walls
  • Upsell High-Profit Items
  • Announce Upcoming Events
  • Promote Happy Hour
  • Showcase New Menu Items
  • Promote Holiday Specials
  • Grow Your Online Following
  • Increase Delivery Sales
  • Easily Change Your Menu
  • And Much More...

Time Is Money


Even after seeing the benefits of Digital Signage, many business owners remain hesitant to move forward because they feel like it will cost them too much time and money.  Many so-called "FREE" Digital Signage offerings require that you create and manage content yourself, host the content on your local network, and deal with the task of scheduling presentations in-house.  As a business owner, your time is valuable.  Who wants to go through that kind of headache when you already have so much on your plate?

Now you don't have to, let us do it for you!


Digital signage applications


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